marry-go-round has been all time favorite ride for young one as well as the old ones. well it gives a great experience and yeah its really attractive big circle with colorful lights.Here’s a great story of my life that i can never forget about the giant circle of light.

while i was 10 year old girl , i always ask my parents to go out with me to the fair, and every year i hangout with my big brother and mom at the fair, i always use to wonder how the big giant circle rotates? and what if it fell down, we will all get hurt……so i was really afraid of that gian circular beast, but one day while we were standing near the marry-go-round, my mom pointed towards a group of kids that were going into the giant circle and they were all so happy and excited… said if you want the whole world down to your feet, u must go and have a ride in marry-go-round, she said all things will shrink when u see them from the very top…….then i did tried it……and when i reached at the top of so called marry-go-round i realized all the things are so small when i look them from here and i can actually see my house from there. and while it was going down the booze of cool air touched my hairs and i was like ‘whoooo!!!! this is cool”

from that day i use to ask my parents to go out with me for the ride i love the most, MARRY-GO-ROUND

now here i am ,the above images i have captured with my nikon D3200 in a fair at nagpur, reshambagh ground, and yeah i also rode it thrice that day.