Architecture and culture are bounded to each other since human evolved 13 million years ago.These two things cant be separated from each other, they both need each other to breath.

CULTURE is what? its a lifestyle, the way human live and develops,the way it affects other human beings and hence creates a society having same thoughts. this has a huge impact on the way human lives, and to live he needed a space where he can accommodate his kind of living. hence, he made his own house that gives him comfortable living. Many such houses came together, as human lives in group, to form a settlement. As time grew many factors started to affect the kind of living-culture-like economy, social behavior, climate, technology,  inventions, and mythologies. These factors have different impacts on architecture of different regions, since the world have different climatic zones,giving rise to different cultures. this relationship between architecture and culture can be seen in early civilizations also, like Mohenjo-daro, Harrappa, Babylon, Ur etc. The relation between house form and culture is best explored by Ar. Amos Rapopot and can be seen in his book House Form and Culture.

The architecture today is more inclined towards technology and using it to give thermal comfort to the occupants, called the Green buildings.The modern era has a totally different culture from what humans had million years ago, influenced by culture and driven by technology. Some master Architects like Ken yang, Christopher Charles , Big Architects(firm) and many others are helping to make this society  a better place to live by creating green buildings.

The culture today or what we call MODERN CULTURE is very much influenced by nature. humans intention now is to live with the nature without affecting it by technological advancements (since he realized the impacts after industrial revolution). In my perspective architecture make culture and cultures makes architecture.And so forming ARCHICULTURE.


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